Umpire Information

Updated Monday September 5, 2016 by Katy National Little League.

Coaches and Volunteers that want to umpire games must be familiar with the information in the Umpire Clinic Coaches Handout attached below.

Umpire In Chief: Edwin (Ed) Trevino

​PHONE: 832-423-9520


UIC Assistant: David Tortorice

PHONE: 832-316-7928



Umpire Training Video
How to do a plate meeting
Understanding Balks
Fair and Foul Balls defined 
What does obstruction look like?
A runner misses a base
Pause, Read, React, Angle - Making good calls
Base Calls and Positioning
Bases Working Area (Runners On)
Umpire Teamwork
Plate positions and responsibilities
Checking Equipment

Review the Two Umpire Rotation Mechanics powerpoint below.  Read the notes/comments on each slide to understand what is being demonstrated.

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